Board of Directors


Debra L. Ellies Ph.D., Director and Chairwoman of Board:

In 2006 Dr. Ellies founded OsteoGeneX Inc (OGX), and has worked to develop the unique business strategy for a strategic partner to get market revenue quickly, with a de-risked efficacious orally available drug that will increase bone density. Prior to launching OGX, Dr. Ellies was at the Stowers Medical Research Institute in Kansas City, MO. While at the Stowers Institute under the direction of Dr Krumlauf, Debra was the key scientist in the epochal discovery of Sclerostin as a modulator of the WNT pathway. Dr. Ellies was also part of the scientific team which discovered that the CCN family also functioned via WNT signaling. Furthermore, Ellies & Krumlauf were the first to report that Sclerostin blocking antibodies function by blocking the WNT pathway. Prior to her work at Stowers, Dr. Ellies conducted basic research on the developmental significance of programmed cell death, the role in Wnt signaling and managed a laboratory at Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to her remarkable successes in the laboratory, Dr. Ellies co-founded the Brian Ellies Esophageal Cancer Prevention Fund, which works to educate the public and promote awareness of esophageal cancer prevention. Dr. Ellies is the author of several international key scientific manuscripts in the area of signal transduction, and of a number of patents, and a reviewer for Center for Scientific Reviewer at NIH, and a Trustee for MRIGlobal. She received her Ph.D. from Guy’s Hospital London, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Lumsden, FRS; M.Sc. from University Ottawa, LOEB Research Institute, Canada.

William S. Rosenberg M.D., Director:

Dr. Rosenberg joined OsteoGeneX in March 2007 as Chief Medical Officer and is currently serving on the Board of Directors. Dr. William S. Rosenberg, M.D., is an innovator in both his practice of medicine and in the development of new technologies and devices in life sciences. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in complex spinal surgery as a neurosurgeon with Midwest Neurosurgery Associates in Kansas City. Prior to joining his current group, he was Director of the Neurospinal Disorders Program at University of California, San Francisco and Co-Founder of the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Rosenberg received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and trained in neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Rosenberg has served as a consultant for a number of medical device companies in various stages of development and holds several patents for surgical devices and techniques.    

Frank Loeffler, Director:

Frank Loeffler joined our Board in 2012. Frank is CEO and founder of Bluestar Benefits and has been engaged for over 40 years in the planning and execution of employee benefit plans to enhance the relationship between employer and staff by implying proper benefit utilization and analysis, as measured in part by how it impacts staff.  In addition, while gaining his MBA at Rockhurst University, Frank became, and continues to be, a regular invited speaker for teaching business, financial modeling,  and insurance related topics to "give back" to the community from which he derived benefit.  Frank is also the founder of an investment group, who's mission is to help businesses reach value inflection points that benefit themselves and their community.  Frank serves as President for the Jewish Vocational Services, Our House Community Center, and the Central Agency for Jewish Education and Chairman for the Insurance Committees of S’chnuit L’Israel.

Kelly Drouillard, Director:

Kelly Drouillard has over 25 years experience in finance, operations, and strategic development.  She has led a career marked by continued growth, holding senior level positions.  Kelly has been intricately involved in the insurance industry and commercial lending for many years.  She has developed strategic lending practices, designed debt capital solutions, and provided consulting to hundreds of small to large businesses.  Kelly’s background is primarily in insurance and also in early stage companies in a variety of industries.  She is a CPA and CPCU. Transaction experience includes various debt financing structures and private equity investments.  With a passion for entrepreneurs and economic development, Kelly is an active member of Womens Capital Connection (WCC) and Mid America Angels.   Kelly has participated in several angel capital investing programs including valuations, exits, and due diligence.  Kelly was a panelist for Equity Matters event sponsored by Springboard.  She is an executive committee member of WCC. A graduate of Kansas State University, Kelly’s career began in 1987 with KPMG in the Kansas City office.  She has held various positions in financial services, consulting and the insurance industry including owning her own firm for 4 years.  She joined Oak Street Funding in 2012 and is currently a GM at Live Oak Bank.