Investor Relations

OGX is a privately held company. Since its incorporation, OGX has used a bridge note as its initial offering and has been successful at obtaining peer reviewed SBIR/NIH awards.

KS Angel Tax credits

Investors may be eligible to receive Kansas Angel Tax Credits. OGX is a “qualified company” under the Kansas Angel Tax Credit program and therefore investors are eligible to receive a 50% Kansas tax credit up to a maximum of $50,000 per individual for a $100,000 investment. The availability of these tax credits to investors is subject to OGX having been issued credits in amounts sufficient to cover the maximum amount of credits for which the investor is qualified. Investors who are not able to use the total amount of their tax credits in any one year may carry forward these unused credits indefinitely and use them in future years to offset Kansas tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  For investors without Kansas tax liability for the past 3 years, the credits can be sold for cash ( ). With this industry-leading program, the state of Kansas benefits from the diligence carried out by individual investors and, in return, reduces the risk of those investors going forward.  The program has been instrumental in mitigating investor risk and has contributed in a meaningful way to economic growth in the State.