Leadership Team


OsteoGeneX has a world class management/advisory team with a successful track record in discovering, developing, and commercializing novel therapeutics. View All >

Debra L. Ellies Ph.D., CEO
William S. Rosenberg M.D., CMO
F. Scott Kimball, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry
Bruce Jenett, J.D., Counsel
Mike Riley, M.Sc., J.D.., Vice President of Business Development. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Debra L. Ellies, Ph.D.
Nancy Lane, M.D.
James Macdonald, Ph.D.
Harold Rosen, M.D.
Robert Young, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors presently consists of Dr. Debra Ellies , President & CEO, Kelly Drouillard, representing Woman's Capital Connection, Frank Loeffler, representing Loeffler Accelerator. View All >

Debra L. Ellies Ph.D., President & CEO
Kelly Drouillard 
Frank Loeffler